1944 D 20 Centavos Silver Filipinas (Phillipines) Coin Circulated
Filipinas / Phillipines
1944 D 20 Centavos Silver Filipinas (Phillipines) Coin Circulated
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PLEASE NOTE: these images are for reference only; photo coming soon of actual coin as it would not scan clearly.

Lovely circulated silver coin from the Philippines (Filipinas).
Beautiful coin contains 4.0000 g., .750 SILVER, .0965 oz. ASW!

The scanned images depict this coin fairly well. This 20 CENTAVOS coin from THE PHILIPPINES, issued in 1944 at the Denver Mint during WWII. Beautiful SILVER coin. Fairly minimal marks and strong strike for the AU grade. Will be an appreciated coin in any quality collection.

Obverse depicts female blacksmith, value and origin.
Reverse depicts arms of United States administration, date and legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Terrific bit of beautiful coinage in SILVER from the WWII period Philippines for any collection. This was in my father's memorabilia from World War II. He was stationed in Gorizia, Italy with the Blue Devils. Either he came across this during his service; or it may be from my Uncle who was a paratrooper in the Pacific.